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By inserting very thin sterile needles at certain acupuncture point on your body, your body will naturally react and balance the flow of energy or Qi through certain pathway (meridian).  When this pathway is obstructed, your blood and energy movement will be blocked or stagnated.  This led to your body sending out pain signal, and resulted in you not feeling well.  When performed by trained, certified, licensed professional, the inserted needles at the combined therapeutic points will act like opening the door of health.  Your body will know exactly what it lacks of or has excess of certain chemical and can adjust its hormone accordingly.  This is the reason that Acupuncture has lasted for thousands of years and has been the primary treatment throughout the world prior to the  arrival of modern medical treatment.  Today, we see more the ever the increasing of integration of modern medical treatment and Traditional Chinese Medicine in treating illness, and its effectiveness has led to many outstanding research.

Please see the video below about Acupuncture.


Herbal Prescription

We specialize in providing Herbal consultation and  Chinese Herbal products. All our products are customized according to our patients illness.  The products are either in pill or powder form.  
All our Herbal products are carefully prepared from natural ingredients and can meet international GNP standards.
Cupping is an ancient art that is recently recognized by many athletes around the world to help alleviate inflamation or pain. It helps to promote blood flow similar to deep tissue massage and benefits the body greatly. 8 scientifically proven benefits are:
- Eliminate any weakness in the body
- Cures Fever
- Fights against dermatological diseases
- Aids in preventing liver diseases
- Improves blood circulation
- Treats gastrointestinal diseases
- Heals rheumatic diseases organically
- Helps the nervous system



Moxibustion is the form of heat therapy in which Chinese Mugworts are burned on the near surface of the skin to promote healing.  The purpose of the Moxibustion is to stimulate circulation and to activate smooth of energy or Qi and blood, along with stimulate internal system and strengthen body immune system. The end result of moxibustion is to relieve pain due to injury such as arthritis due to cold, menstrual cramp, allergy, etc...
As the name implied, ElectroAcupuncture is the electric stimulation of the acupuncture points to promote smooth flow of energy to relieve chronic pain, muscle spasm, anesthesia, or neurological disorder.  Other studies has found that ElectroAcupuncture is effective in treating skin condition such as Acne, renal colic, and acute nausea.  There is also some evident that the electrical stimulation can activates the endorphin system, which could lower blood pressure and reduce heart disease. 


By applying pressure on certain Acupuncture point on the feet will help body to heal and regenerate itself.  There are certain theory behind this ancient therapy.
- Reflexology works with central nervous system.
- Reflexology reduce pain by reducing stress and improving mood.
- Reflexology keeps body vital energy moving.
- Reflexology helps improve internal organ function with its zone mapping.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

What is the better way to opt out of Botox and Filler. Cosmetic Acupuncture is a rising trend in Asia for its natural beauty enhancement.  In US, people has yet tp catch on to this ancient therapy, but many has experienced its effectiveness in rejuvenating their facial complexion.
It is the truest form of anti-aging by optimize your health internally, while enhancing your beauty externally.
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